Polska wersja

Welding continues... and it will be continued for quite some time.
Front of the frame is ready - here can be seen connection between Buick's front profile and caprice's frame. I can't make better photo because front sheetmetal is mounted on the frame. It is welded for good anyway :)

Initial welding of 'B' pillars and under the rear seat.

And welded ready. 'B' pillar.

Under the rear seat.

And side view.

Rear seat mounting location; rear seatbelt mounting hole

And left side, not ready yet.

The trunk is almost ready. It looks very well, only rear part and connection with rear sheetmetal is not yet ready.

And detailed view - rear left wheeltub just behind the rear seat.

Rear tub again.

We have now recessed areas on the sides, as a result of keeping original Buick's floor level, as well as original caprice's floor level. The upper part from caprice's floor is where frame goes.

That's how it looks.

And right part of the trunk.

Rear part of caprice floor had a recess for third row seat passengers legs. We kept that part to have more room under 'official' trunk floor level (it will be about the level of the lower trunk opening). That part however has been shortened. It looks very well.

Here can be seen remains of original floor. We have to invent something clever here :)

And my priceless assistants, who could not wait for their first ride in our 'new' Buick :)

We were also on the junkyard, searching something, and the kids found that car the most interesting :)